Free IPTV Playlist 2024

How To Use the Free IPTV Playlist of 21-01-2024 link

1. Download and Install VLC Media Player:

  • If you don’t have VLC already, download the latest version from the official website:
  • Install it on your computer following the on-screen instructions.

2. Obtain Your IPTV Link:

  • Get the IPTV link or M3U playlist file from your IPTV provider. This link usually ends with “.m3u” or “.m3u8”.
  • Keep it handy as you’ll need it in the next step.

3. Open VLC Media Player:

  • Launch VLC Media Player on your computer.

4. Access Network Stream:

  • Click on the Media tab in the top menu bar.
  • Select Open Network Stream… (or press Ctrl+N on your keyboard).

5. Paste the IPTV Link:

  • In the Open Media window that appears, make sure you’re on the Network tab.
  • Paste the IPTV link you obtained in the Please enter a network URL field.

6. Play the Playlist:

  • Click the Play button at the bottom of the window.

7. Browse the Playlist (Optional):

  • If you want to see a list of available channels, click View in the top menu bar and select Playlist (or press Ctrl+L).
  • This will open the playlist panel where you can browse and select different channels.

8. Enjoy Watching:

  • VLC will start loading and playing the available channels from your IPTV playlist.
  • You can now switch between channels using the playlist panel or the playback controls in VLC.

Additional Tips:

  • Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues, double-check the IPTV link for accuracy and ensure your internet connection is stable.
  • Saving Playlists: To save playlists for easy access later, click Media > Save Playlist to File.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Use Ctrl+N to open network streams and Ctrl+L to view the playlist.
  • Updating VLC: Keep VLC updated to the latest version for optimal performance and compatibility.

free IPTV links URL for VLC, Kodi, pc, android, TV box  and smart tv.

Get access to free IPTV links compatible with VLC, Kodi, PC, Android, and smart TV.

We publish new free IPTV links daily on our website, allowing you to enjoy your favorite channels on any device.

Using IPTV M3u links in 2023 is an excellent way to enhance your TV viewing experience. With these links, you can easily access TV shows, movies, series, and sports games streaming by simply using an IPTV links url or an m3u iptv file.

Forget about cable or satellite TV. With IPTV, you have the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want. IPTV has transformed the TV experience, making it simple, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.

Set up free Iptv links url on Smart Iptv App (siptv)
1- As the first thing, you need to check if your Samsung/LG TV or Fire Stick is compatible with IPTV. You need to go to the app store and search for the “Smart IPTV” app. If you can see the app, your device is compatible and you can download the app.

2- Once you download the Smart IPTV app, launch it.

3- Keep a note of the MAC Address that you can see on the screen.

4- Now visit

5- Navigate to the section named “Add an external playlist link”. You need to enter the MAC address here. You should also include your IPTV URL.

6-check the reCAPTCHA.

7- Click send Button

8 – Go back to your TV and Restart the Smart IPTV app.

9 – Your channels list should be loaded.

If you want to see channel groups, just press the blue-colored button that you see in the remote controller.

How to Run free IPTV on Your PC
First: you need to download one of The IPTV players for windows

Secondly: you need to add an IPTV link to your IPTV player

best IPTV player for windows





5- Plex Media Server

6- Free TV Player

7- Simple TV

8- OttPlayer for Windows

9- Perfect Player

10- ProgDVB

10,000 m3u playlist

Example :

How to setup free IPTV URL on VLC Media Player

Download and Install VLC.

Open VLC.

At the Very Top of the program, click MEDIA.

Open Network Stream.

Past in the URL iptv from down.

Wait till all the Channels load.

Choose a Channel and enjoy the show.

How to Stop a VLC Media Player From Skipping


How to setup free IPTV on Anroid & IOS using GSE IPTV App ?
Step 1: Start by downloading the GSE IPTV App from Google Play Store and on the down right corner click on the yellow circle.

Step 2: Now select a name for your playlist and paste your M3U URL and click on “Add”.

Step 3: Now wait for the channels to be added to your application and this might take a little time depending on which countries or channels groups your M3U file contains.

Step 4: Now click on the playlist you just added in order to the see the channel groups.

Step 5: Now select the channel that you want to watch and click on “Play”.

Now youR GSE Android app is ready for streaming IPTV channels on your Android device.


Free IPTV link of 21-01-2024 Url 2024:

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